At Segal Disposal we are proud to stand behind our long lasting reputation and experience in the industry, and to assist you in dealing with any specific questions you may have for us, we have prepared a list of those questions most frequently asked : 

Q: What happens about my garbage pickup when there is a statutory holiday?

A: Our drivers pick up on all statutory holidays except Christmas and New Year's Day. 

Q: What time is my garbage pickup?

A: Our drivers begin their routes at 4:00AM in order to streamline our routing.

Q: When is payment on my account due?

A: Payment is due before the end of the current billing period. Net 30 days.

Q: What happens if I want to change my service?

A: Just call the office at the beginning of your billing period or make a notation on the section of your invoice that is sent in with your payment and a representative will increase or decrease your service and adjust your account accordingly. You will also be informed of any changes regarding your pickup day or week. 

Q: If I'm moving and wish to cancel service, what do I do?

A: Notify the office and if a refund is owing to you it will be cheerfully refunded after your final service day. Should you have any further questions in regard to residential service, give a call to the friendly staff at: (604) 583-2467

Q: If I rent a container for clean up, what can I put in it?

A: We are licensed by the Ministry of the Environment to handle non-hazardous industrial, commercial and institutional waste. Generally, this covers most things found in a household. Paints are an exception. Tires must be segregated and are charged on a per tire basis. 

Q: What is your service area?

A: For short-term container rentals, we can deliver anywhere in the lower mainland. For permanent "routed" service, check with us to see if your location is covered. 

Q: Do we pay any additional charge, other than the container drop-off fee, to cover disposal?

A: No. For the most part our charges are "flat rated". That means that any disposal cost is bundled in with the total charge to you. 

Q: I am a high volume waste generator. Should I look at a compactor?

A: We can access your present waste volumes to determine if a compactor might present some savings. Generally, compactors are set up on a "care free" lease basis so that you don't worry about a large capital outlay of money or maintenance on the equipment once it is installed. 

Q: What are your payment terms?

A: Unless there is an active account in place, terms are C.O.D. for short-term container rentals. we accept cash,visa , mastercard and Amex. 

Q: I'm doing a clean up at my home. How long can I keep the container?

A: Generally we allow one week to load your container. If you run into unforeseen circumstances like bad weather, we're flexible on the time allocation with no additional cost. 

Q: I thought that one container might do the job, but it turns out I need a second one to complete it. Is there an additional charge for this?

A: Yes. Since we charge by the load, any additional load is an added charge. 

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