Most of the materials send to the landfill not only hurts the environment, it also contravenes Metro Vancouver's waste disposal rules. Segal Disposal fully supports the zero waste challenge by minimize the generation of waste and maximize recycling. Meanwhile, recycle of glass, metal and plastic can help you save money. 

We offer the following recycling service:

.Metal/Glass/Plastic Recycling

.Steel Cycling

.Drywall Cycling

.Cardboard Cycling

.Sawdust Cycling


Read more about Glass,Metal and Plastics Recycling and Restrictions 

    Segal Disposal provides mixed Containers means all rigid glass, metal and plastic food   containers. Customers are not required to sort and keep these materials separately.

   All glass, metals and plastics can be simply put together into the same recycling cart.


Glass Containers




All colors of glass bottles & jars


Window or Pane Glass


Dairy and soy beverage containers



Metal Containers


   Rinse and flatten metal cans before put into the cart.





Metal and aluminum cans

Paint Cans

Aerosol cans



Plastic Containers


   For plastic containers, types #1 & 2 are allowed. Please refer to the bottom of the container   to identify the plastic type. Please remove caps and flatten plastic containers.





Plastic container types #1,2

Soft plastics, such as bubble and shrink wrap

Plastic strapping used to strap goods onto pallet


Plastics must be clean of contaminants


Plastic containers types #3, 4, 6, 7

Plastic buckets with lids

Plastic containers with food residue

Chemical containers

Dairy and soy beverage containers


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