Hook Lift Bin

Hook Lift Bin

Hook Lift Containers

   Hook Lift containers are the larger,open-top style containers.They are used as temporary containers for construction sites and yard clean-ups,and also as permanent containers for customers with larger waste and recycling needs.Lidded bins are available upon request.

Segal Disposal use Hook Lift Containers for:

.Construction waste

.Landscaping refuse

.Industrial by-product

.Simply volumes of waste

Read more about Hook Lift Containers Load and Landfill Restrictions:

Load Restrictions

We can dispose of the following materials for you with certain restrictions:

 .Concrete:Maximum 10 cubic yard container due to weight.Concrete must not be mixed with any other materials as it can be taken to a recycling facility where it is often used to make materials for road building.

.Dirt/Rocks:Maximum 10 cubic yard container due to weight.Dirt and rocks can be combined with each other,but must not be mixed with any other materials. Dirt and rock mixture can be taken to a Green Waste facility.

.Drywall/Gypsum: Maximum 20 cubic yard container due to weight. Drywall/Gyproc must be placed in a separate bin as it cannot be placed in the landfill because it is made of gypsum (calcium sulphate). When gypsum is deprived of oxygen, such as when buried in a sanitary landfill, it begins to break down in a way that releases a toxic gas. We take drywall to New West Gypsum where it is easily recycled into new gyproc/drywall.

.Asphalt/Tar and Gravel Roofing: Maximum 20 cubic yard container due to weight. Must not be mixed with any other materials, as it is taken to a recycling facility where the gravel is re-used.

.Treated or Burnt Wood: Due to environmental reasons, treated and burnt wood must be sepa- rated out and taken to a special facility.

.Contaminated Soil: Due to the nature of this material, it must be taken to a specialized facility. We are licensed to transport this material, please contact us for rates.

 Landfill Restrictions

The following materials are banned from the landfills by Metro Vancouver and therefore cannot be put in Hook Lift containers:

.Recyclable Cardboard/Newsprint - Take to our recycling depot at Segal Disposal (12393 Industrial Road,Surrey). We can also provide a Hook Lift bin for cardboard only.

.Batteries - Take car batteries to any retail outlet that sells them.

.Paint Cans - Return to a paint recycling depot. Click here for Product Care's list of depots in British Columbia.

.Oil and Chemicals - Any retail store or gas station that sells motor oil will take used motor oil and containers. For gasoline, flammable liquids and pesticides, see Product Care's list of depots in BC. For all other chemicals call the Recycling Council of BC Hotline at 1-800-667-4321.

.Car Frames - Please call the Recycling Council of BC Hotline at 1-800-667-4321 for metal recyclers in your area.

.Asbestos - Call a specialized asbestos disposal company- check your local phone directory.

.Electronic Waste (personal computers, printers and TV's) - These items can be disposed of free of charge at the Salvation Army or bottle depot drop-off ser- vices provided by Encorp in the Metro Vancouver area. Also part of the take-back program, therefore they can be returned were they were purchased.

.Vehicle Tires (this item is new as of January 1,2008) - Used tires can be returned to most tire dealers for the scrap tire recycling program. Contact 604-RECYCLE or the Tire Stewardship BC's website for more information at www.tirestewardshipbc.ca for more information on the recycling program and which dealers are involved.


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